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Welcome to our links page. The links are categorized to help you find what you are looking for more easily. If you have information that you think I should have then contact me by e-mail at my address below.

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Church links:

Your Church - The site gives details of who we are, what we do and when we do it!.

God's House - Slow but pretty cool site! The hamster helps!!!!.

Children count! - Children's Society - Value the youth of today!.

Sunday Club Page on the main site - When we meet, where we meet and why we meet!!!!.

Yahoo - Yahoo was the first search engine to list our site, it seems reasonable to link to them. Try searching for " maltby church" - it works :-).

More Links:

Our Church - the oldies pages - Our Church.

God's House - This site is cool, slow but cool, the hamster helps.

More Links - Links to more stuff.

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